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Custom Paint and Graphics

For over 35 years, the team at CPV has been painting motorcycles. So whether you desire that custom-painted, trophy-taking cycle or you simply enjoy knowing that there is NO other cycle like yours on the road, CPV can help. Our fine-art background, color-matching experience and innovative finishing techniques provide area enthusiasts with the ultimate resource for custom paint and airbrushing.

Just a Sample of the Unique Cycle Painting We’ve Created

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Expert Color-Matched Repairs

CPV has become the Midwest’s leading repair center for damaged custom paint, injured Harley tins, plastics and fiberglass. Whether it’s a damaged stock paint job, CVO color scheme, or custom paint by an artist who is M.I.A., we can help you get back on the road.

Color Matching


  • Insurance Claims – We can work with your Dealer and Insurance Company
  • Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass Repairs
  • Scratch & Dent Repair
  • Welding
  • Expert color matching
  • Airbrushing and Graphics Re-creation
  • Logo Re-creation
  • Decals and Emblem Replacement


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Repair Process

Analyzing Damage

Fixing the Damage

Finishing Touches

Repair Process

  • Email us photos of the damage
  • We will review and quote repair with an estimated timeframe
  • Ship or drop off parts to CPV
  • Your repairs are scheduled within our system
  • Expert repairs are made
  • Customer is contacted to arrange details for returning parts

Analyzing Damage

  • A repair expert will visually inspect the parts at CPV
  • Photos highlighting the repairs are emailed to the customer
  • A call is scheduled to discuss options for the repair process

Fixing the Damage

  • All repairs are handled by specially trained staff, highly experienced in the field of cycle parts repair.
  • We use OE compliant quality paint and the latest ultraviolet curing technology.
  • We minimize the footprint of the repair so only the work that is necessary for a quality repair is performed. No unnecessary and costly add-ons.
  • The experts at CPV are recognized for a level of color matching expertise that can only be achieved from decades of experience. This involves spectrometer color matching and industry-leading color resources.

Finishing Touches

  • Our award-winning painters are passionate perfectionists with special skills in motorcycle graphics and innovative color work. We take pride in our profession and know what it takes to do the job right.
  • Premium OE quality clear finishes
  • High shine
  • Safe and insured packing for the trip home

Dealer Direct Program


The team at CPV is experienced at working with dealership service writers. Communication with them is key for establishing cost, expected delivery dates and repair or custom paint timelines. Authorized dealers disassemble needed parts from the bike, ship the parts to us, and we repair to spec before returning the parts back to the dealer. We work side-by-side with each dealer directly to ensure each customer’s satisfaction.


  • Dealers are working with a cycle-specific paint shop, not an auto body shop. We know, understand, and use the same products they sell!
  • Our personalized customer service is active throughout the process, with the ability to tell you where the job is in the process at any time.
  • We pride ourselves in a stress-free repair experience for your customer, providing dealers with the confidence of knowing the work will be done correctly.
  • A business relationship with CPV can increase your sales and enhance your service reputation for solving customers’ paint challenges.

Insurance Companies


Insurance companies like Progressive and Sentry look to us to solve their problems, with parts arriving daily at our facility from all over North America. We often conduct presentations for insurance professionals to help bring a better understanding to this specialized market and the repair process.

  • Our experts can identify paint damage issues that are easily repairable and do not require the purchase of a new part, saving the insurance company a lot of money.
  • Some colors are no longer available to purchase, and the part needs to be outsourced for paint.
  • Email photos of damage from the adjuster and a quote will be provided for the claim.
  • Great success in satisfying dealers and owners through paint repair.
  • We help insurance companies put a value to the paint job for insurance claims.


  • Save time and money for repair
  • Match old paint finishes rather than replace parts with fresh finishes that don’t match
  • Repair obsolete parts or color
  • Receive quick quotes via email